Drinking coffee on Rosh Hashanah and ALL YEAR LONG

My friends and I made a ‘Drinking Coffee on Rosh Hashanah’ video. It is a coffee-saturated celebration of Rosh Hashanah and several other holidays around the world that occurred in September. My video-editing skills are not quite on par with my other skills…so all of the gaffes, laughing, super-awkward moments (ugh, hey my coffee cup is hanging out here waiting for a ceramic high-five), and reprimands remain.

Because, as my friend Claudia said, 'Ummm, Rosh Hashanah was at least 10 days ago. Just post it already.'

Good advice, Claudia. Thanks! 

If anyone can recommend a better (read, more user-friendly) video-editing app than the one built into YouTube,  I would love a reco.

Alas, this video is a study in imperfection, coffee obsession, and celebrating holidays in the fall---starting anew, with a sense of humor and adventure. Oh---and we were SO caffeinated that things got a little zany...

And so, here it is: "Drinking Coffee on Rosh Hashanah" starring Claudia Hirsch, Dana Moore, and me (Nicole Gray).

And thank you to Naomi Weinshenker for video footage and to Emilia Colon for awesome sound.

Thank you, ladies for your friendship and your willingness to drink ridiculous amounts of coffee with me ALL THE TIME. xo

Happy Fall!


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