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Romancing the green bean: Coffee-and-love haiku

Coffee is an object of passionate love and extreme affection. Late-night coffee is a nice capstone for a lovely evening out, while morning coffee is an elixir---brewed to sate a universal thirst. And since coffee is both healthy and energizing, drinking it can fuel romantic adventures. And speaking of romance, coffee lends itself to poetry, including haiku. Here are a few odes to our beloved black brew. Ritual of Joy -by Markus Heyder Lifting it--- the coffee cup leaves a ring I love you -by Caroline Risman Never enough sleep Children wake so damn early Coffee, I love you Morning Coffee -by Nicole Gray Cold rays of sunshine You make my morning coffee Thank you very much Recipe for Irish Whiskey   (While I'm not a drinker, I'm learning to enjoy once in a while---and this is a GREAT way in!) Here's the short-version recipe: Cappucino ( lots of foam ) and whiskey or Bailey's (even I know what that is).  According to