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Coffee Makes It Easier to Be Alive—Science Says So

  This is the time of winter when weather is most unpredictable. What will the weather be like this week? Will there be a snow squall, a bomb cyclone, a deep freeze that threatens the pipes, or a bright sunny 70-degree day this week? Perhaps all three, you never know. What I do know is that regardless of what the weather holds, if there is bright sunshine, everything feels better (as long as it's not stultifyingly hot). About 5% of the people in the United States experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter months, when the sun sets as early as 4 pm on the darkest December days. Winter is easy to romanticize because of the holidays and the festive décor, but the day-to-day reality can seem bleak. Icy mornings give way to gray days that seamlessly melt into frigid darkness well before dinnertime. How Coffee Helps Beat the Winter Blues Enter coffee. Coffee is like sunshine for the body. First, there’s the uplifting effect of the caffeine, which gets into the

Healthy Organs and Glowing Skin: What is the Connection Between Coffee and DNA Damage?

  It’s February, but it’s still New Year-ish, and there are still people finalizing their 2022 goals. Like every other year, people want to be healthier this year than last---or at least as healthy as they’ve ever been. Coffee & Overall Health Coffee is a foundational part of a healthy lifestyle. A study dating back to 2015 showed that people who drink coffee are 15% less likely to die compared with non-coffee drinkers. Coffee is associated with a significantly reduced risk of diabetes, various cancers, heart disease, dementia, depression, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and constipation. And this is new for me: There is a body of emerging clinical evidence showing that coffee decreases the risk of premature ejaculation. (More to come in a separate post.) But Why?? What is it about coffee that make it so healthy? Antioxidants are a huge contributing factor, but there must be more. In the quest to learn more about why coffee is healthy, a group of researchers decid