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Demystifying the Starbucks Seasonal Blends—‘Tis the Season After All

There’s something special about the Starbucks seasonal holiday coffee blends…and even the most cynical among us are likely to have at least 1 cup of a seasonal blend, at some point between Thanksgiving and New Years, assuming we drink Starbucks coffee, of course. First…There was the Christmas Blend Initially,   of course, the decision to create a seasonal holiday blend was a marketing decision that dates back to 1984, when Starbucks first introduced the Starbucks® Christmas blend, a full-bodied, dark roast that is different every year, but always has hints of spiciness and notable depth. The Christmas blend is made from beans sourced from Latin America and Indonesia; however, the thing that separates the Christmas Holiday Blend from other coffee blends is the infusion of select Sumatran beans. These beans are like magic beans. Each year, the Christmas blend is made with spicy Sumatra beams that are aged for 3 to 5 years in order to create a full-bodied, rich coffee blend. This