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What Time is It? It's Time to Drink Coffee (8 o'clock coffee)

  Have you ever wondered why Eight O’Clock Coffee is called Eight O’Clock Coffee? Probably not. Eight O’Clock Coffee is one of those immediately recognizable, iconic supermarket coffee brands, and like other brands, it has a unique story. Eight O’Clock Coffee was launched in 1859 by the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P) as a whole-bean coffee. In 1919, A&P-branded coffee got a new name. A&P fielded a survey to find out the most popular times for drinking coffee. It turned out that the most popular times cited were 8 am and 8 pm. And that’s how Eight O’Clock Coffee got its name. Apparently, the name change was a good idea. In 1930, Eight O’Clock Coffee became the #1 selling coffee in the United States and maintained that status until around 1950. During that time, Eight O’Clock Coffee became iconic, with solid branding and marketing strategies that set the standard for other companies for years to come.   In 1933, a 25-foot Eight O’Clock Coffee billboard was