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Happy International Coffee Day 2020

 F ive years ago, the International Coffee Association celebrated the first International Coffee Day. In addition, many countries have their own National Coffee Day (the United States and many other countries celebrated this day on September 29 th ). Some other countries that celebrate National Coffee Day on September 29 th include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ethiopia, Ireland, India, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Pakistan, and others. Other countries celebrate on different days---usually around the end of September or beginning of October, but there are exceptions. For example, Indonesia celebrates National Coffee Day on August 16 th ---a tradition started in 2006. Indonesia is the 4 th leading grower of coffee in the world, after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia). Coffee is so respected in Indonesia that National Coffee Day is the same day as National Independence Day, which was first celebrated on August 16, 1953---8 years after Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence. Coffee