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Drinking Coffee as an Autumnal Rite of Passage

                Martha’s Vineyard ferry boats, idyllic Jersey Shore beaches, summer stock theater, watching movies under the stars on warm nights, going for a midday swim at the town pool. Good bye to all of that (at least for the next nine months)!                 Remember the (very recent) days of surfing warm waves on a boogie board, cooling off in mountain grottoes and riding the subways late at night without the benefit of a “just in case” sweater? Well until next summer, those days are over. It’s mid-September. Summer is gone---though that doesn’t discount an oddly sweltering afternoon, quickly followed by a cool evening, now and then.                 And though we must say goodbye, at least for now, to beach balls and maillots and destination t-shirts, fall brings its own joys. Sweaters and squash, matzoh balls and maple syrup, academic calendars and extracurricular activities…And one of the very best things of all: Fall brings an all-out, no-holds-barred co