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Hello Longer Life, Goodbye Confounding Factors

Last Monday, I woke up to an amazing cup of hot Gevalia bold, as well as a bold ‘more good news about coffee' headline strewn across social media. Per the NYT (9-16-15): “Well: Coffee tied to lower risk of dying prematurely.” The story was picked up everywhere. After years of reading one coffee study after another suggesting that coffee has health benefits of some sort, the results of this observational, Harvard-based study with more than 200,000 individuals included as part of the analysis, were undeniable: 3 facts : Coffee is good for you. Not drinking coffee is worse than drinking coffee. Coffee-drinkers are healthier and live longer. This study, which was published by Dr. Ming Ding and his colleagues at Harvard in this month’s issue of Circulation analyzed 30 years of data---enough time to know whether a person lived a long life or died prematurely. More coffee equals more life The results in short: ·          One to 3 cups of coffee per day=8% reduced r

Coffee-Questing: A Mad Dash to Moon Doggie

Mid-November has been unseasonably warm---much to the delight of people everywhere grappling with the inevitable darkness that comes with the onset of winter, as well as the bleak darkness of the current news cycle. We can only speculate that among the 127 people killed in Paris last Friday, some of them were out enjoying a cup of coffee, while basking in the splendor of an unseasonably warm Parisian evening. It was in the midst of this everyday joy that tragedy struck. We also know that undoubtedly among those also killed by terrorists in Lebanon and Kenya recently, there were also many coffee-lovers. While lots of commentary has been focused on the horrors of terrorism and the tenuous quality of day-to-day life, we will add to the cacophony by saying how precious life is. Even the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee from a renowned small cafe in Maywood, NJ on a balmy Monday night is special---a chance to simply be a coffee-loving human sharing a universally beloved brew on the fi

A long overdue post...and coffee improves sexual function in men (Who knew?)

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog and shared my coffee-loving passion. Please believe me when I tell you that my passion has not faltered---not one bit. However, for the past 15 months I have been focusing on my new role at Biopharma Dive covering all aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry. It’s been an intense experience, in the best possible way. However, in addition to being intellectually engaging and rigorous, it is also time-consuming and challenging. No time to blog about coffee, but I still make time to drink coffee every day. I still love coffee---early-morning, freshly brewed coffee; afternoon coffee from Starbucks; and date-night/late-night coffees. It’s all about coffee, all the time. Instant Via when I’m in a pinch and communal coffee with other moms and writers throughout the day. Drinking Coffee in Martha’s Vineyard For me, one of the best parts of vacationing is having a chance to breathe deeply and savor my coffee-drinking experiences. D