A long overdue post...and coffee improves sexual function in men (Who knew?)

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog and shared my coffee-loving passion. Please believe me when I tell you that my passion has not faltered---not one bit. However, for the past 15 months I have been focusing on my new role at Biopharma Dive covering all aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry. It’s been an intense experience, in the best possible way. However, in addition to being intellectually engaging and rigorous, it is also time-consuming and challenging. No time to blog about coffee, but I still make time to drink coffee every day.

I still love coffee---early-morning, freshly brewed coffee; afternoon coffee from Starbucks; and date-night/late-night coffees. It’s all about coffee, all the time. Instant Via when I’m in a pinch and communal coffee with other moms and writers throughout the day.

Drinking Coffee in Martha’s Vineyard
For me, one of the best parts of vacationing is having a chance to breathe deeply and savor my coffee-drinking experiences. During my annual pilgrimage to Martha’s Vineyard this summer, I enjoyed coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts, Coffee Obsession in Falmouth, Mocha Mott’s in Oak Bluffs, Black Dog Café in Vineyard Haven and Lavazza brewed in the mornings.

Mr. Pugg's Coffee---Best in Oak Bluffs
I also went to see Ernie at Mr. Pugg’s on Circuit Ave. in Oak Bluffs. After 10 years, Ernie still brews the most personalized cup of coffee on the Vineyard. He handcrafts his coffees, and his smoothies, which are especially good. He stays open until late fall. Visit him in OB at 49 Circuit Ave.

Different coffee, same positive effect
In each case, the coffees were different. Dunkin’ is reliably hot and sufficiently caffeinated, served with a smile. Coffee Obsession had lots of children’s books and very good peanut butter cookies, as well as a perfect picture-window setting for drinking coffee and chatting. Black Dog is, well, it’s Black Dog----strong, rugged, fragrant coffee that goes down very smooth.  Lavazza was a welcome surprise. It had been a long time since I drank it, but my friend decided this would be our coffee for the week, and so it was.

But there was one thing all the coffees had in common. The coffee was consumed in good company and to good effect. It was uplifting and intensely rewarding.

Coffee keeps you healthy
My blog was initially conceived to promote the health benefits of coffee and combat the erroneous idea that coffee is one of the three major vices as in “alcohol, cigarettes and coffee.” As an avid non-smoker and someone who drinks very little alcohol, coffee has always been my go-to substance of choice. But it is not a vice.

In previous posts, I’ve explored the numerous health benefits of coffee, including decreased risk of liver cancer, depression, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and prostate cancer---and the fact that drinking coffee is strongly correlated with a longer life. Most of these health benefits are widely known already. However, there are a couple of newly discovered benefits associated with coffee-drinking based on recently completed studies.

Coffee decreases erectile dysfunction
Here’s a very encouraging study: According to a study conducted at the University of Texas at Houston, Dr. David Lopez and his colleagues found that drinking two to three cups of coffee each day can lower a man’s risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) by as much as 42%.

Add that to the “good news” column associated with coffee.  Now I am back to writing, though I'm still enjoying summer. Nothing like sipping a large cup of iced coffee wearing a bathing suit poolside…Enjoy!  


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