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Coffee by the Campfire---and Medical News About Coffee’s Benefits in Hep C

At night, in the woods, when there is no wifi or temperature-control device available, you realize that your deepest, darkest fears are probably real. However, in the morning, when it’s sunny out and you wake up and stretch, you feel much better and reconsider your bleak thoughts from the previous night. Camping feels like a more extreme version of reality. The one constant, it seems, is the comfort of coffee in the morning. Recently, I went with a group of friends and our kids camping. Oh, what an adventure! I was in charge of the coffee, but had the added challenge of not knowing whether there was a stovetop or electricity. Out of desperation, I purchased Maxwell House---something I haven’t done in years. (My friend also brought along Via from Starbucks). We needed a robust supply of coffee, as every adult there was counting on the bitter brew to ease into the day. We used a stovetop powered by a propane tank visible from our window. We also used Styrofoam cups---an environment

As American as Apple Pie---Starbucks at 40

It’s the 40 th anniversary of the incorporation of Starbucks…and in celebration of this seminal time, Starbucks has introduced the “Tribute” blend…which is incredibly bright, with nice bold overtones. I like it both hot and cold…In tribute to the 40 th anniversary of Starbucks, this post is dedicated to them. Arguably, the Starbucks experience, which incorporates an appealing lexicon, pleasing physical lay-out, music-drenched ambiance, and access to world-class newspapers, embodies the highest ideals of bohemian culture. Yet, Starbucks is a well-run corporation, with CEO Howard Schultz, CEO, at the helm as a benevolent and savvy business icon. To its credit, Starbucks’ corporate governance has led to such widespread recognition that its good works are lauded throughout the business community. The story of how Starbucks became “Starbucks” is legendary and interesting from both a cultural perspective and a business perspective. Howard Schultz became Marketing Director of Starbucks