Calling All Coffee Superheroes

I am a coffee superhero. Mornings find me bleary-eyed, with a slumping spirit. But the first sip of coffee is transformative. Brightened eyes, tightened muscles, and a new-found vigor: that is the daily promise of coffee.

November 2008 Consumer Health Reports have weighed in on coffee’s health benefits.

  • Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Better gallbladder function---decreased risk of developing gallstones
  • Prevention of Parkinson’s disease due to increased dopamine supply in the brain

And, we already know that coffee improves mood and enhances concentration and function. Got a test? Drink coffee. Feeling down? Drink coffee. Need a boost before kick-boxing? Drink coffee.

The standard researcher response to the question “Why does coffee prevent so many diseases and how does it improve health?” is “We’re not exactly sure, but we have some ideas.”

Some of the elements in coffee that improve health:

  • Cholorogenic acids—an antioxidant that is found in the leaves and fruit of coffee. Slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal. Inhibits tumor activity and has antiviral properties.
  • Boosted levels of enzymes that aid digestion
  • Methylpyridinium—an anticancer compound found almost exclusively in coffee

Beyond the health benefits, coffee makes communities function better. It is the elixir of productivity and enthusiasm.

Be your own superhero. Drink coffee today!


Anonymous said…
I got the call. I finally brought a coffee machine to the office. It's not going to help Starbucks, but it will make it easier for me to stay a coffee superhero throughout the day.
Nicole Gray said…
Drinking coffee is drinking coffee...regardless of whether you buy it at Starbucks or brew it on-site, it still allows you to uncover your superhero persona! Congratulations Joe...
I'm getting fitted for a jump suit with a shield of a coffee cup on the chest and a cape.

Other reasons to drink coffee

Its patriot--its what the Americans drank after the Boston Tea party.

You can write like Balzac

You can start a stock market like they did in London in the 1660s

Ok, forget that last one.
Hi Nicole, it was nice to meet you today and then come here and read your blog. I unfortunately don't believe in drinking coffee at all. It pains me physically so I don't drink it, but I love to smell it and although I may not drink it like you do I do support your efforts and wish you the best.
georgettes said…
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