Drinking Coffee in Bali & Waiting Patiently for Spring to Arrive

Some days, it feels like spring, but clearly---winter is still here. Inevitably and mercifully, spring is coming. So why not enjoy the last few weeks of winter 2009? Steamy, nourishing coffee drinks are one of the best ways to stay alert, happy, and warm inside….and new coffee options are always appreciated!

Enter Kopi Bali coffee. Indonesian Coffee is famous worldwide for its depth, its flavor and its smooth taste. Kopi Bali, which is nicknamed “the legend” based on its longstanding reputation since 1935 as a reliably delicious coffee, has finally made its coffee available on the Web at kopibali.com.

Kopi Bali is a third-generation family business owned by the Tjahjadis. As a family, they are constantly seeking to improve their coffee by modifying the processes and methods of cultivation and production. Kopi Bali can be found at 5-star hotels throughout Indonesia, at duty-free shops, and of course, on the Web site. The Tjahjadis take pride in the precision of how they cultivate their coffee. They also run Bali Coffee House, where they sell a variety of coffee from Bali, Java, Toraja, Mandailing, Columbia, Kenya, and Italy. True, they have faced formidable marketing challenges, but coffee commitment and sheer coffee-fueled intelligence keeps Kopi Bali moving on up…

Seeing photos of coffee beans being cultivated is humbling. The single man standing in a field of beans gently raking the drying beans seems almost yogic in his focus. The roasting machinery is nuanced and sophisticated specifically because it captures ancient methods and distills them into a reproducible, mechanized art. All of these images come to us from Bali.

 All told, images of Bali coalesce in the mind’s eye like one beautiful dreamscape. Bali is a place where coffee is available all day long, and many sweet dreams can be nourished. The InfiniteWishes Bali Retreat, scheduled for June 2009 will feature workshops and spa treatments, and offer participants a chance to nurture dreams and bring power to personal goals. Mornings will start with Indonesian coffee----fresh and fragrant. Coffee not only supports and bolsters pragmatic activity, but also stimulates our ability to dream, to envision the life we want, and to work together to achieve specific goals. For more information, contact Deb@MyInfiniteWishes.com.

Here’s to drinking coffee in Bali….and everywhere else!


Luann said…
i love the title. and yea its going to be a wonderful 2010 and coffee is going to be a HUGE part of it!!

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