Today’s Coffee Review: The Organic Coffee Company

Never mind that coffee is good for you----it needs to taste good. In fact, that first morning cup should be mind-blowing.

Not so with the Ground Rainforest Blend from The Organic Coffee Company. It’s dank and bitter without any subtle traces of chicory or nuts or chocolate or even mystery.

Fortunately, it is utilitarian. Drink it and get the familiar morning jolt. But beyond that it’s all packaging and a nice story.

The package is based on a rainforest meets mountains motif: blue sky, royal purple on one side with little symbols of fecundity, tall trees with deep underbrush, and cool breeze mountains in the backdrop. There is a bright orange sticker on the front that boasts, “Fairly traded (responsibly grown) Rainforest Blend (A perfectly rounded blend yielding a medium bodied, complex flavor)”.

Though I am not a fan of this coffee, which is grown on farms in Central America, their ethics and sense of responsibility are laudable. In 1996, the Rogers family started the Source Aid Development Program that has built schools, started meal programs, improved housing, and established medical clinicas in struggling coffee communities around the world.

Perhaps then I need to rethink my dislike. Maybe if I steam the milk just so---or perhaps if I drink this coffee in January instead of June---or maybe I’ll simply try a different flavor.

There are after all many flavors to choose from----Breakfast Blend, Chocolate Almond, Fair Trade French Roast, Hurricane Expresso, and Guatamala Maya Lake Whole Bean. I’m sure to find something I like…


I like the new look of your blog, Nicole!
Alma Schneider said…
Nothing worse than a bad cup o' joe to start the day. Nice new layout on your blog, btw.
Anonymous said…

Slap the word "Organic" on the cover and people assume that it is superior in several respects. Recent studies have shown Organic foods to be no more nutricious or safe than Ganic (sorry, I couldn't resist coining the word; Ganic)foods. Certainly none of us wishes to be poisoned with chemicals, however there are parts of the world that could use some Pesticides.

The African continent needs pesticides, clean water and electricity. Billions of dollars are wasted on Global Warming while the people of Africa die from a lack of basics. It's a scandal, it's a travesty, it's, unfortunately a tragedy.

Hurricane Expresso? Yes to that, I think.

Just remember, as Robert Anson Heinlein once said; "A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."
Anonymous said…
But nic's still the best (even if there's no difference between organic and ganic).
Anonymous said…
Yes, Anon. I'll grant you that anyone who can use the word ;

fe·cun·di·ty   [fi-kuhn-di-tee]
1.the quality of being fecund; capacity, esp. in female animals, of producing young in great numbers.
2.fruitfulness or fertility, as of the earth.
3.the capacity of abundant production: fecundity of imagination.

in a paragraph of several hundred words certainly might be the best. It goes without saying. Well said.
Anonymous said…
Nic said, "Perhaps then I need to rethink my dislike."

Yes, re-thinking dislikes can be a life changer. For instance, I always hated vanity license plates until the other day when I saw a beautiful woman in a blue and silver Jaguar sportscar with the plate; Danna1. It just seemed so right. But I digress.

Has anyone tried the Coffemate Hazelnut non-dairy creamer? I just got it recently for emergency purposes. If viable, it may be yet another small step for man that represents a giant leap for mankind.
Nicole Gray said…
Joe and Alma--thanks! Glad you like the new layout.

Anonymous, I tried the hazelnut nondairy creamer in a fit of desperation and---it was surprisingly good--in weird, "there's no Starbucks around here" sort of way....

Anonymous said…
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