Drinking Iced Coffee When its Hot, Hot, Hot...

Stultifying heat. Blazing hot. Mercury-popping temperatures....We can honestly say that these descriptions are no hyperbole. It was scorching caliente today! Really. The temperature hit a whopping 103 degrees in Central Park.

So...it was a perfect day for drinking iced coffee. Though that wasn't the plan at first. I started the day with a hot brew. However, when Lindsey came over for a mid-morning chat, we decided to pour the morning's brew---Ethiopiam Limu---over ice cubes in brightly colored BPA-free plastic goblets.

The result: delicious-slash-refreshing The coffee was bold enough so that even with ice, a little skim milk, and one sugar it was really festive and good. Yet, we did not turn it into some overly sweetened beverage that reminds one of coffee but is actually a soft drink wannabe. It was coffee pure and simple, and it was really, really good!

Ethiopian Limu is a seasonal summer brew from Starbucks. According to the branding, this blend "has a rich complexity with hints of exotic spices." Starbucks honors the widely honored Ethiopian coffee-drinking tradition. The label features a mortar/pestle motif, with clay mugs and an ornate ceremonial water jug.

According to Lindsey, this blend is "smooth and masculine". Indeed, I agree that this brew privileges yang over yin. Perfect for engaging forward motion, getting motivated to take a call, send an email, read to a child, and ultimately, hopefully---jump in a cool swimming pool! That was my day....perfectly caffeinated.

Drink up and stay cool!


Unknown said…
Excellent one, Nicole! Makes me want to rush right out & sip a smooth one. (Boy, do I wish I could write like you!)

Lots of love,

Unknown said…
PS: Try to figure out how to embed one of those "Publish to Facebook" buttons on your blog site; I'd love to link this to my profile/daily comment.
Nicole Gray said…
Thanks Andy!

I do need to work on the "publish to facebook" feature....

BTW---have you tried the coffee yet??

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