Global Coffee Love

When you think of coffee do you think of a specific country? Perhaps you think of Italy , Turkey, or Ethiopia. Perhaps Brazil or the United States. Well, how about Japan? Writing in the New York Times on February 9, 2011, Oliver Strand makes the point that the idea that coffee authenticity is tied to a particular country is ridiculous. Coffee love is global!

Consumption varies from country to country. The Japanese, it turns out, are avid coffee-lovers, consuming 903 million pounds of coffee a year. And though Japan is not a huge producer of coffee, the Japanese do bring their inimitable style to the coffee-brewing process. Strand extols the aesthetic utility, precision, and affordability of Japanese brewing equipment. He notes that some of the best-designed coffee brewing tools, such as grinders, drip cones, and pouring kettles range in price from $15 to $50 each and deliver an exquisite experience.

Curious? William-Sonoma stocks Hario brewing equipment from Japan. Check it out here.

Happy Valentine’s Day, coffee lovers!


Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Nicole!
Anonymous said…
So brief, Joe. That book isn't going to be same length as; "Great British Lovers" (which I believe is more of a pamphlet than a book), or that epic tome; "All the Things You Want Know About Turnips." by Chopra.
Well, I think of some countries when I drink coffee. Cuisinart Coffee Machine

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