July 4th, 2011: Hot Coffee, Cool Parties and a Decreased Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Happy Fourth of July!

What a terrific holiday this has been…and best of all, I’ve recently been exposed to another powerful paradigm shift. A new study shows that coffee can help stave off the symptoms and memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Researchers at the University of South Florida, where the study was conducted, think that coffee may even have preventive effects against AD!

This study, which was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease on June 28, 2011, evaluated memory function and disease development in mice with induced AD. The results were very specific in that the only thing that was effective in preserving and improving memory over the long term was caffeinated coffee---not decaffeinated coffee and not other types of caffeinated drinks.

The primary mechanism was associated with increased blood levels of a growth factor known as GCSF, or granulocyte colony stimulating factor, which is associated with improved memory and a decrease in the brain’s production of beta-amyloid, which is the plaque found in the brains of people with AD. GCSF creates new connections between brain cells and increases the birth of new neurons in the brain. Coffee also has anti-inflammatory properties.

It seems that we should all be enjoying these benefits, but the researchers stress that Americans just aren’t drinking enough coffee to reap those benefits. In fact, we average about 2 cups a day. When it comes to memory, the benefits really kick in at the 4 to 5 cup mark. That’s where the paradigm shift comes in. More really is better. Researchers suggest that we start ramping up intake in our 30’s when AD can start to develop.

Everyone, including Americans, wants to be healthy. Coffee, it seems, may help us achieve that goal. I also want to be able to remember all of the cool parties we have attended on July 4th and the beautiful fireworks that lit up the night sky this past weekend. And, of course, I want to remember the look of awe in my children's eyes.

The information about AD is new, but here's what we know: We already know that coffee significantly reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease, type II diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver disease, and stroke.

Finally...one more question: Do you like your coffee hot or cold? On a hot day, I still like my coffee hot. Hot water and hot healthy drinks are an excellent way to detoxify the body and build the digestive system. So have a hot cup of coffee as you watch the fireworks! It’s another dimension of hot (and healthy) fun in the summer time!


Luann said…
I like drinking hot coffee. Even when the weather is hot. Some things are better off left undisturbed...
Nicole Gray said…
I agree with you 100% Luann!
Anonymous said…
I like my coffee so hot that if it spills on the floor the next stop is Chang Mai. Although, for years I put up with luke warm coffee because that's as good as Mr. Coffee could do.

Now, I understand that you and I both have the Black & Decker High Power Atom Smashing Nuclear Turbo-charged machine.

Speaking of Chang Mai, people there drive like mad-persons. Next time you go to Chang Mai make sure you look both ways.
Nicole Gray said…
I would love to go to Chang Mai...perhaps one day. Is there a Starbucks there yet?
Anonymous said…
Chiangmai or Chang Mai? I've always considered it the latter but perhaps that's a western version or a sign of illiteracy (or stupidity)...whatever.

Anyway to address your question; yes!!! At the aeropuerto, at least. They're everywhere, these Starbucks.

They became used to westerners during the war because many officers and their families were put up in Thailand. The world's greatest bargains on Jade jewelry are there, among other things.
Anonymous said…
I had a brilliant and wonderful comment all written out, no, really I did, and the computer root-booted and completely wiped out all my thoughts. Forever lost in the sea of bit and byte oblivion. Que lastima!

Anyway, how about some fun and exciting Nicole coffee-house anecdotes. Facts and figures are nice, (personally, I prefer to make up my own), but some light-hearted summer-fun postings would also be enjoyable.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
We, and by that I mean I, need a new post to provoke some banter. I'm bored and yet busy and busy and bored.

I think I miss being bad. How ironic that the generation that grew up in the 60's and 70's has created a PC world. Too many Lawyers.

We need to degress. We need strong coffee and real sugar and cream with all the fat that they can fit in there. I guess every generation pines for what is not.

Ugh...time to shake it off. Create the excitement, we're in the moving business not the storage business, you can't win the lottery without buying a ticket, w-o-r-k.
Organo Gold said…
Now, I understand that you and I both have the Black & Decker High Power Atom Smashing Nuclear Turbo-charged machine.
Anonymous said…

Thanks, I was just getting back to that.

I can now reveal that my crack team of Baristas/Disciples have been conducting a series of experiments that could have geo-political consequences, all over the place.

We've been investigating the use of high-speed disambiguation (atom-smashing). That's right, we've been looking at the Electro-Dynamic aspect of the Quarks and Leptons by smashing bean against bean with the expectation that this could release both energy and extra caffeine.

Our hope was to use the Fermi-Lab Tevatron for this vital project. Unfortunately, since many of my staff have criminal records (they didn't do it) this avenue was not open to us. Instead, we're using my Black & Decker Coffee maker.

Now, I know what your thinking; if we can use a Black & Decker Coffee maker to accelerate coffee beans in order to release their sub-atomic particles, why doesn't the thing cost more than $30?

I guess we'll just have to consider that one of the mysteries of the Universe.
Organo Gold said…
Chang Mai sounds interesting...i think I need to add it to the bucket list.
organo Gold said…
Chang Mai sounds interesting...i think I need to add it to the bucket list. but I better start to save up for that plane ticket
Organo gold said…
Chang Mai sounds interesting...i think I need to add it to the bucket list. but I better start to save up for that plane ticket

P.s sry for the 3 post..i kept entering the url wrong...please delete other 2

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