Drinking Coffee in North Creek, Decreasing the Risk of Prostate Cancer, Enjoying a Warm Brew in the Fall--and Guess Who Got Married?

North Creek, New York is a small town nestled in the Adirondacks. We recently visited North Creek for a friend's wedding. A few of us went out and spent an afternoon exploring the town, hiking on the creek-side trails and going to the community art center. Along the way, we ended up at Sarah's Cafe and Bakery, which offers not only coffee and espresso drinks, but also handmade pastries, hearty oatmeal scones, savory soups, and specialty cakes, the coffee was smooth, well brewed, and not too hot or too cold, and it was served with a smile. Not only did it energize me for the hike, but I ended up going back the next day. I felt healthy and happy---not only for myself, but for my friends, Maddi and Reubena, who got married!

Speaking of health….according to research from the Harvard School of Public Health,published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, drinking coffee decreases the risk of dying from prostate cancer. In a study of 47,911 men who drank both regular and decaffeinated coffee, drinking at least 6 cups of coffee a day lowers the risk of developing prostate cancer by 20%. Even more important, this level of coffee consumption reduces the rate of lethal prostate cancer by 60%.

We all want the same things…to be happy and healthy and engaged meaningfully in life. Many of us want really good coffee—and some of us want it all the time.

Happy Thanksgiving and wishes for good health to all!


Ok, four more cups to go today. Thanks for the info, Nicole.
Anonymous said…
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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