Big News From Green Mountain Coffee---in Philadelphia and Beyond

Big news from Green Mountain Coffee, widely recognized for their incredible beans and blends and their role as the #1 fair trade coffee purveyor in the world. They are in the process of introducing their new blends for the Keurig, including the Focus Blend, a medium roast coffee that is supplemented with 50 mg of L-Theanine per 8-ounce serving. In fact, I had a chance to try it today at the 2012 Food and Nutrition Conference, which is being held in Philadelphia. 

Green Mountain proudly proclaims the ingredients of its success---first integrity and unassailable business practices---and then the perfect admixture of high-mountain growing spots, warm soil and gentle tropical rains. And then of course there is that technically informed approach to roasting and brewing so that each cup of Green Mountain coffee achieves the perfect flavor, body and acidity.

But it turns out there is one more element---market research. That’s right; the hard-working folks at Green Mountain Coffee used focus groups to come up with the Focus blend. “We were literally sitting in people’s kitchens saying, ‘what do you want in your coffee?’” says Kristen Mercure, an associate in Green Mountain’s Specialty Coffee Business Unit.

So what did they learn? According to Kristen, people were saying that not only do they drink coffee as part of being healthy and energized, but they also take supplements. Mark Corey, PhD, Food Development Scientist, at Green Mountain, notes that you can pack a lot of healthy stuff into one K-cup, including not only 80 to 120 mg of caffeine, but also L-Theanine----an amino acid compound found in green tea, with documented positive effects on both cognition and mood.

 My experience drinking a K-cup of the Focus blend was one of subtle uplift. There was a surprisingly nice interplay between the caffeine and the additional L-Theanine---and I enjoyed it very much. In fact, since I was working, I found the coffee very energizing and effective as well.

Later that evening, I had a glass of wine with dinner. A nice glass of merlot. But as my colleagues had more alcohol, I decided to move toward coffee. I found the coffee brewed by the bar in the lobby of our hotel surprisingly fresh, well brewed and delivered with remarkable kindness and good humor. 

Once again, coffee is common currency around the region, the country and the world. It’s not always about the type of coffee you’re drinking, though a good cup of coffee is always a goal. More often, it’s about the intention behind the coffee, its effectiveness in helping you stay upbeat and energized….and the company you keep.

Happy fall!


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Bernini at Moma!
Bernini at Moma!

Candygram for Mongo!
Candygram for Mongo!
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Hey, where did the Origami go?
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Distress Call!!! SOS! Distress Call!

The World Headquarters is down to our last tin of Kicking Horse. Our vital work may be interrupted. One can only speculate as to what dire consequences may ensue should the current research be stopped even for a Fanta-second!

For God's sake, Amazon get cracking. We've ordered a couple of Keys (2.2 lbs.) which are comin' in through Los Angeleees, of the 3 Sisters blend. Make haste, good people.

The world is waiting for the answer to the enternal question. Our crack team is on the verge...a break-through is close;

Why 8 Hot Dogs and 6 Buns? Why, why, why????
3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058 said…

Here at the Inter-Galactic World Headquarters, the Standing Committee on Coffee, Condiments and Party Favors, sat down in an emergency session to discuss the potential calamity (running out of Coffee).

After several hours of heated debate, (and several Pizzas) it was decided that the little know and lesser understood "Plan K" would be tried. Normally, this would only be allowed during either conditions of War or during a Full Moon within a Leap Year. However, desperate times, etc...

While the details of this operation must remain secret for 17 years, I can say that the crisis has been averted. Also, that the feasibility study which proved that the Filters could be used as tiny parachutes was money well spent.

Ordo ab Chao.
3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592 said…
The new movie; "The Man with the Iron Hands" opened this weekend. It is directed by RZA of The Wu-Tang Clan (Dollar, Dollar Bill, y'all).

RZA and GZA are both in the Jim Jarmusch movie; "Coffee and Cigarettes." Bong, Bong.

RZA was also in the Showtime show Californication this year (a show that went from great to terrible in 5 short seasons).

Coffee and Cigarettes is available to watch for free on Youtube. If you haven't seen it, Dios Mio Mon, just go see it!

I won't be going to the RZA movie, even though I want to support the Clan (and fight the power, for that matter), 'cause the dance-card is kinda full, what with the new JB coming next weekend and L'Elisir de Amore mid-week.

L'Elisir de Amore starring Anna Netrebko and the Met. The Metropolitan Opera is making it increasingly easy to follow along at home (or in the local Bijou), they've just introduced On Demand rentals and subscriptions from their website.

The Met is doing Aida in December and the hijinks continue with Rigoletto next year. Aida is a must see, you know Verdi's Aida= 2 Princesses caught in love-triangle with a guy in tights. I imagine it won't be the winner of the Pavarotti look-alike contest.

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