STARBUCKS Shows Up at Fashion Week: Doing it Their Way---See Live Reporting from Lindsey Murphy

It’s September in New York City and spring is in the air---and on the runways. From September 9-16, 2010, world-class designers are unveiling their spring/summer designs in a new venue: Lincoln Center. With over 70 shows and 250,000 attendees, Fashion Week is a world-class event. This show attracts luminaries from around the globe, including actors, business people, writers, artists, and a pantheon of fabulous people from every walk of life.

This year, in the interest of keeping everyone pleasantly caffeinated, Starbucks has a major presence. The Starbucks Frappuccino® Shuttle is coursing through the byways of the city making frequent trips to Lincoln Center and various destinations in midtown. One of the major product categories highlighted during the shuttle expeditions are the bottled Frappuccino® drinks, including Frappuccino® LIGHT, Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino®, and Bottled Vanilla Frappuccino®Coffee Drink ---made with lowfat milk. Watch reporter extraordinaire, Lindsey Murphy, reporting onsite from the shuttle, surrounded by frappuccinos, Starbucks associates, happily caffeinated people, and disco lights.

While frappuccinos have been become an iconic summer drink since their introduction in 1994, 16 years of brand evolution has resulted in an array of options so vast that it has become an algorithm in and of itself. This trend towards super-personalized choice was formalized in spring 2010, when the However-You-Want-It-Frappuccino® was introduced. Literally, the choices are so numerous that you could order a different Frappuccino® for months on end without exhausting your options. Whether you want whole milk, skim milk, or soy; chocolate, vanilla, green tea, or java chip; venti or tall; with whip or without; strawberry or caramel; or maybe a pumpkin spice soy chai frappuccinno---there are still more sizes, types of milk, flavors, and toppings to choose from.

The good news about the brand evolution is that the LIGHT variation on the frappuccino theme is available in a wide variety of flavors and sizes---and it is HEALTHY. All the better to stay svelte for the top trends of spring 2011: hip-hugging sheath dresses, sexy loungewear, and the return of energetic, spring-like colors—both muted and bright. Here’s to CHOICE, fashion, and coffee!


Anonymous said…
I once had a party featuring a pantheon of fabulous people. Unfortunately we had to turn away several revelers as they were only slightly fabulous. They hadn't achieved full fabulosity.

Yes, yes this "light" movement is all well and good, but does this mean no sprinkles? If so, count me out as sprinkles really complete the Mocha Frap.

I believe it was E.B. White, commenting on Fascism in Harpers during the early 40s who speculated that once the sprinkles are taken away other civil liberties cannot remain uncurtailed. Although E.B. also thought that his Dachshund was the Cecil B. DeMille of dogs.

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