Let There be Light

For many of us in New Jersey in Montclair and in other towns, a late October unexpected snowstorm has left many without power.

During this time, our neighbors have been like beacons of light. We support each other with a warm smile, a friendly gesture, a helping hand---and often a big cup of coffee!

One beacon in our community has been the Starbucks in Upper Montclair, which is offering wifi and access to endless cups of coffee. Though tempers run short as days go by with no power and people start traipsing off to hotels in Manhattan now that local hotels are full---coffee and espresso drinks offer warmth, comfort and energy.

Here's to a quick recovery, a return to normalcy, and an easy winter. We deserve it.

Also, I'd like to say thank you to the unfailingly polite and professional baristas.

Stay warm---and let there be light!


Anonymous said…

First sip, Kicking Horse Coffee; Three Sisters Blend (made strong), 2 heaping scoops of Splenda, then a healthy pour of Coffee Mate Hazelnut in a huge mug with 20+ years of service.

Chocolate Long John (unfilled, of course) to go with and Groove Salad from somafm.com free Internet radio.


All things as they should be. Pleasure in the art of leisure.
Unknown said…
Hope all are well, I have relatives over there. had to go get Great Grandpa from an Uncle because of no heat and bring him to New York. We have heat and Coffee...
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Anonymous said…
To the theme from Rawhide;

Tradin' Tradin' Tradin'
Though the Stock is Fallin'
keep the margin flowin'

Rain and wind and weather
Hell bent for leather
wishing my clerk would go to hell

All the things I'm missin'
Good Vodka, Blow and kissin'
Are waiting when they ring that bell

Trade em in, Trade em out,
Trade em up, trade em down,
Trade em in, Trade em out,

Keep tradin, tradin, tradin,
the phone just won't stop ringin'
keep them suckers tradin'

Don't try to understand em'
Just bait, switch and churn em,
Soon we'll be livin very well

My assistant calculatin'
the clients they'll be waitin'
waiting for them to finally ring that bell

Trade em in, Trade em out,
Trade em up, Trade em down,
Trade em in, Trade em out

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