Channeling the Magic of Coffeehouse Culture Online (Check out Jason’s Cover of “Dock of the Bay”)

 Within the last year, I’ve been to some outdoor concerts, mainly in large backyards, all socially distanced. And of course, I’ve brought coffee, and I get to see friends, and the music was really good. But I haven’t had a true coffeehouse experience in more than a year. (My local go-to coffeehouse is Trend Café, in Montclair, NJ.)

I miss the myriad seating options, the ambient sound of coffeehouse culture---poetry reading, clinking mugs on ceramic plates, and singers and songwriters. Where are we going to hear live music anymore---and drink coffee---and maybe even eat some baked goods. (Yum!)

Enter Live Streamer Café, an online community where people gather to watch artists perform. Artists of all sorts, including singer/songwriter, multifaceted musicians like Jason Didner, who sings and plays guitars, keyboards, and drums. 

Fans can support their artists by tipping them via the Artist's chosen platform (PayPal, Venmo, etc). Because the artists use their own tipping syten, 100% of the tip goes to the Artist--immediately. Live Streamer Cafe does not process the tip in any fashion apart from hosting the link. 

Plus there's this really cool feature where you can claim virtual coffee, pie, donuts, croissants, cookies, and other sweet treats in a competitive environment.  The treats pop up and whoever can click it first gets to "claim" it and get points for that treat. It's fun! 

Before the pandemic, Jason and his children's music act, Jungle Gym Jam, traveled to lots of locations, performing up and down the east coast---they were on the road. Now, however, Jason has taken his show off the road and online to Live Streamer Cafe, where he entertains groups of friends, family members, and new fans on Saturday nights---often with a steaming cup of coffee next to him.

Jason performs original music, as well as covers. One cover that wowed his audience in early March was "Dock of the Bay" originally sung by Otis Redding. Check it out! 

With large-scale vaccination underway, we are closer than ever to the point where we can start inching our way back to "normal." One of the FIRST things I plan to do is get my night life going again in true coffeehouse-devotee fashion. Until then, I'm happy to have Live Streamer Cafe. 


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