5 Reasons to Love Coffee in 2011

Love of coffee endures, but sometimes it’s nice to reflect on what we love about coffee. Here are 5 reasons to love coffee in 2011.

1. Coffee makes you healthier: Studies show that coffee reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, stroke, depression, liver disease, and high cholesterol.

2. Coffee variety abounds: Beyond the Arabica-versus-robusta divide, coffee differs based on how its roasted, where it’s grown, how it’s brewed, and many other conditions that contribute to a flavor, acidity and overall taste. Recently, we were snowbound and coffee reserves were diminishing rapidly. In order to make coffee, I combined Seattle’s Best Blend with two Starbucks blends, including the slightly sweet Italian Roast and the super-dark smoky extra bold French roast. The result: a dark, sweet, smooth blend. It tasted even better as we watched the snow fall.

3. Coffee bolsters community: During the holiday, we enjoyed Prosecco and coffee in equal measure. Mornings and early afternoons, however, were reserved exclusively for coffee. On New Year’s weekend, we had an especially pleasant afternoon choosing between 3 carafes of coffee and combining each cup with chocolate-covered cherries. La dolce vita indeed!

4. Coffee apparently is a really good economic bellwether and things are looking up: Though consumption dipped in 2009, there was a noteworthy rebound in 2010. Residents of Seattle spent the most---$36 per month on average; Americans consumed the most---66 million cups a year; and 56% of all adults in the US reported drinking coffee on a regular basis.

5. Coffee tastes good! Good coffee has a rich, bold taste that both comforts and stimulates simultaneously. It is the type of drink that can make you feel connected to all other people on the planet. Cold coffee is refreshing on a number of levels, with cooling, invigorating effects. Delicious, refreshing, invigorating, yummy, and satisfying all at once. Coffee is a good thing.


6. Coffee smells good.

7. Coffee looks good.

8. Coffee feels good.

9. "Coffee" sounds good.

The list goes on . . .
Nicole Gray said…
Well said, Joe! I like the multi-sensory approach!
Anonymous said…
10. coffee can put out fires.

11. coffee comes in handy in the desert.

12. coffee makes you talk faster.

13. coffee can help you find leaks in the roof (if you pour it all over the place).

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