Why craft fair coffee doesn't have to be amazing, it just has to be hot---and available

It’s fall and in fall, people like to get crafty. Craft fairs are a standard-bearer of community tradition, in communities across the world---and coffee is the lubricant that keeps people shopping, buzzing around and having a chance to interact with others.

Just because something is expensive or ‘gourmet’ or deemed ‘high-end’ doesn’t mean it’s good---and even if it is good, sometimes it’s just not necessary. Sometimes all you want and need is a good cup of steeping hot brew and access to whatever it is you like to add to it (milk, sugar, etc.)

 Such was the attitude at the Anderson Park Craft Fair in Montclair, NJ last Sunday. The coffee was provided by CTX Jorges ICE Xpress, LLC, a national food vendor.  It was served by George, who greeted everyone with a smile.

People would breathlessly approach him and say, “Are you the one with the coffee?” He would nod, point them to the Styrofoam cups and let them get a nice cup of coffee for $2.00. Then they would meander over to the funnel cakes, or the hot dogs, or the crafts themselves----lots of amazing art, ranging from wall art, to ceramics, to sculpture and more; beautiful fall-friendly bespoke clothing; all manner of jewelry; gummy bears and worms and more, more, more.

This INFINITY HOOD SCARFWRAP is handmade by Diane, who is the owner of Clozs, along with her husband Eddie. They have every pattern and material imaginable, as well as a choice of lengths and styles. The price-points are very reasonable. Learn more here: www.clozs.com. 

The reality is that anyone who wanted to walk a block out of the park could have gotten a nice latte from Java Love, or they could have walked three blocks to Starbucks, or two to Dunkin’ Donuts. The point wasn’t the name on the cup. The point was that the coffee was very hot, it was decent, it was caffeinated and it was served with a smile.

Studies have shown that coffee increases social interaction in a positive way. Coffee not only stimulates the brain to neutralize sleepiness, but it also stokes virtually every reward system in the brain, with a huge dollop of dopamine-stimulating affects.

Nothing’s better for business than happy people looking to brighten their lives with beautiful stuff made by people who have dedicated their lives to creating beauty. Those people need coffee too---and deserve a hot cup wherever they go. 


Linda said…
Well that was a meaningful and pretty good title for the post. I totally agree on the point and I think that the taste lies in the hotness of the bought coffee all the time.

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