Espresso as Metaphor: Trying a New Coffee Drink and Looking Towards the Future

Several years ago when I was in grad school at NYU, my professor, Dr. Robert Bench, a respected publishing professional, often used the term “future forward.” I found the term charming and provocative all at once. The alliteration notwithstanding, the term evoked an image of people moving rapidly into a physical future space. Plus it synched with my approach to life. The reality is that we are always moving forward and need to make room for new experiences and ideas, including what we consume.

That’s why when it comes to coffee, trying a new brew or new type of drink is a good idea. Yesterday I tried a low-sugar, skim caramel macchiato. According to the barista at Starbucks, macchiato means “marked”. Basically, the drink starts with milk on the bottom, with foam above that. The drink is then topped off with espresso---you really taste the espresso. As most other coffee drinks go (lattes, cappuccinos, etc.) macchiatos are upside down. The caramel drizzle is an added plus. For me, the experience of encountering espresso ahead of foam and milk was novel and exceptionally delicious.

The same day I tried a macchiato, I downloaded “Girl Talk’s” All Day mash-up, which is ridiculously popular. Girl Talk, straight out of industrial Pittsburgh, is a DJ who mixes it up and dances until his feet bleed. I’m not sure about his coffee habits, but would be happy to sit with him over a latte and talk about music. “All Day” was all new for me and amped up my work-up. I burned 600 calories in 45 minutes---a new record. “All Day” is available as a free download under the label “Illegal Art”. It includes a staggering 372 samples and is all about danceable hooks. Think Lady Gaga meets the Beatles, who hang out with Rihanna and 50 Cent, who has a strong rapport with Cyndi Lauper and Miley Cyrus. And that’s just the beginning. Just Jared links to the download here

Now, I’m more open than ever, looking out for subtle ways to stretch and grow and avoid inertia. Coffee has always grounded me, and there really is no substitute for being grounded and having a solid foundation. Starting there, I can afford to try new things, drink new drinks, take flight, and be open to the world around me. Try a new coffee drink today!


Coffee is an addiction. My day doesn't start before a strong cup of coffee.i love trying new coffee flavors, I've tried more than seven coffees in a month from different local cafes.but for me my homemade cappuccino is the best!

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