Drink Wicked Joe's B corp coffee--make the world a better place & live longer

Wicked Joe Organic Coffee, based in Maine, is a family-owned business and part of an elite club---one of 3,301 certified B corps, businesses that are committed to using their economic success as a force for good in the world. Unlike companies that focus solely on producing benefits for shareholders, B corps are primarily purpose-driven and focused on creating benefits for all stakeholders.

Wicked Joe's is part of that community. According to the company, their mission “is to roast epic coffee in a manner that is kind to both the earth and the farmers who painstakingly grow our tasty beans.” In a 2018 Fair Trade Impact report, Wicked Joe documented $210,000 in Fair Trade premiums that went directly to the coffee farming communities that it partners with for reinvestment—above and beyond standard business profits.

And is the coffee epic? Yes, I tried it and it’s wicked good coffee, with excellent branding. In fact, Wicked Joe's branding primarily focuses on its ethical commitment to creating quality coffee, while also promoting environmental sustainability, as well as individual and community well-being.

The pursuit of well-being is top-of-mind when discussing coffee. Obviously there is the “coffee helps me wake up and feel energized in the morning” well-being, but there is also validated clinical evidence showing that coffee can improve long-term health outcomes and potentially help you live longer.

A study published in the Journal of the American Association (Internal Medicine Network) in July 2018 showed that when all factors are controlled for, coffee decreases mortality. This study involved roughly 500,000 subjects in the United Kingdom, who were tracked over a 10-year period. Researchers found that when compared with nondrinkers, individuals who drank 2 to 5 cups of coffee per day were 12% less likely to die of any cause, and those who drank 6 to 7 cups per day were 16% less likely to die, during this time.

Considering that coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, this is really good news. And when you combine coffee’s popularity with ethical business practices it bodes well for everyone involved.



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